Skin-mimicking products provide skin-flattering results

Imitation: A reflection so precise, your eyes see the mountain twice.  Exploring nature at  Lake Crescent, Washington. 

Imitation: A reflection so precise, your eyes see the mountain twice.

Exploring nature at Lake Crescent, Washington. 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” Oscar Wilde once said. And, as far as our skin’s concerned, Dr. Eckstein’s products are geniuses of flattery! Our products are made with ingredients that are either naturally found in the body, or they mimic the skin’s natural substances so well that even the skin can’t tell the difference.


Why does this matter?

When foreign substances penetrate the protective shield of our body, the skin responds with an inflammatory reaction which, in turn, activates our body’s defense: the immune system. Sometimes – as in allergic reactions - this can be very uncomfortable and unsightly and may even lead to permanent skin damage.

It’s fascinating to see how precisely our skin can discern between safe and unsafe substances. Those that are produced by our body, or mimic them closely enough, won’t trigger an immune reaction.

As a company based on biopharmaceutical research, we’ve known this for over 65 years. By using only substances that are already present in our body or very similar to them, we help avoid allergic reactions and achieve the best skin compatibility. We call it “skin-mimicking” – and the substances “bio-mimetics.”

Our customers just call it “flattering”.


Borrowing the best from medical grade skin care testing

In Germany, medical grade skin creams, salves and tinctures must withstand rigorous tests conducted over many years. A close feedback loop between patients, doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers ensures that skin product formulas achieve the greatest level of effectiveness, while having no negative side effects. We, at Dr. Eckstein, borrow the knowledge gained from medical grade skin care testing and constantly adapt the formulation of our products to reflect the newest medical and scientific discoveries.


Would you like to learn more?

Then click here to learn more about our product range, where each product is formulated to provide the highest degree of skin compatibility. They embody the heart and soul of my family’s business:  a company genuinely dedicated to beautiful, natural skin.


For healthy skin and timeless beauty,

Verena Eckstein


P.S. We encourage you to use our allergy service. Recently, Anna from San Diego, who has a gluten allergy, used our service to determine the most suitable products for her skin. Our experts provided her with a list of products, and they worked superbly for her. We can do the same for you; just send us an email at: