The Right SPF for Summer

An Eckstein Story About Sun Protection

Not everything we sell in Germany is allowed to be sold in the U.S.; one of our best selling products in Europe is our Active Concentrate Sun Shield SPF 50, our highest level sun protection using state-of-the- art technology not yet recognized by the FDA.


Why am I telling you about this product?

We have a long history of preventative skin care research. Nearly 50 years ago, we introduced our SPF 3 sun protection. Amazingly, at the time it was considered unlikely to be topped! But in the early 70’s, we developed a strengthened sun protection product with SPF level 6. This was a big deal back then and my grandfather believed that a higher SPF of 12 had no future.

My father thought differently. He developed products with increasingly higher sun protection factor because he recognized that people’s lifestyles were changing – resulting in a decrease in the skin’s natural sun protection. This has the consequence that the skin is unprepared when exposed to intense sunlight, and therefore needs maximum protection, such as with our Sun Shield SPF 50 Active Concentrate.


How much SPF do I actually need?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. I’ll use myself as an example.

When choosing a product I consider the following factors:


Morning and Evening Sun

In the morning and late afternoon, the sun’s intensity is approx. 20 times less than at midday. For this reason, I can spend up to 3 hours in the sun without getting a sunburn, which gives me plenty of time for a leisurely walk to the university or a relaxed early evening at an open air café.


Every Day Sun Protection

Because I work during the day, I’m typically only exposed to the sun during lunch break. Both my make up and Beautipharm Skin Care with SPF 15 provide enough sun protection to allow me up to 2 hours in the sun. This is ample protection for me with this amount of exposure during the day.


At the beach, only 50 SPF will do

In contrast, if I plan to spend the day at the beach I need maximum sun protection. Due to my skin’s limited sun tolerance, this means SPF 50. In fact, I tend to avoid the midday sun and instead find a nice shady spot to hang out.


Innovation is at the heart of our company. We continuously develop – and improve on – products in order to meet the needs of our changing environment. 


For healthy skin and timeless beauty, 


Verena Eckstein