“At the heart of our effort is the individual

and the concept of intrinsic beauty.”

Dr. R.A. Eckstein



Whether we’re talking about nature or people: beauty defies a single definition. Rather it is an expression of authenticity, balance, and vitality. It is as unique as each individual, as unique as you.

Since 1949, we’ve put the individual at the center of our world and created a skin care company dedicated to restoring and maintaining individual, natural beauty.

We invite you to join us as we share this world with you.  From our dedicated research and development team, to our manufacturing facility in the lush region of Nuremburg, Germany, we embrace the highest standards in the cosmetic industry. By combining the best of science with the bounty of nature, we produce comprehensive skincare solutions for every skin type while achieving highest skin compatibility.

Beyond our dedication to creating the best, most authentic skin care products, we believe in supporting your effort to achieve inner balance. You will notice as you peruse these pages, the simple ways that we encourage slowing down, taking time, and practicing mindfulness each day.

Our goal is to provide inspiration to be your best, most beautiful and vital self. We are grateful to join you on the journey.