The Right SPF for Summer

An Eckstein Story About Sun Protection

Not everything we sell in Germany is allowed to be sold in the U.S.; one of our best selling products in Europe is our Active Concentrate Sun Shield SPF 50, our highest level sun protection using state-of-the- art technology not yet recognized by the FDA.


Why am I telling you about this product?

We have a long history of preventative skin care research. Nearly 50 years ago, we introduced our SPF 3 sun protection. Amazingly, at the time it was considered unlikely to be topped! But in the early 70’s, we developed a strengthened sun protection product with SPF level 6. This was a big deal back then and my grandfather believed that a higher SPF of 12 had no future.

My father thought differently. He developed products with increasingly higher sun protection factor because he recognized that people’s lifestyles were changing – resulting in a decrease in the skin’s natural sun protection. This has the consequence that the skin is unprepared when exposed to intense sunlight, and therefore needs maximum protection, such as with our Sun Shield SPF 50 Active Concentrate.


How much SPF do I actually need?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. I’ll use myself as an example.

When choosing a product I consider the following factors:


Morning and Evening Sun

In the morning and late afternoon, the sun’s intensity is approx. 20 times less than at midday. For this reason, I can spend up to 3 hours in the sun without getting a sunburn, which gives me plenty of time for a leisurely walk to the university or a relaxed early evening at an open air café.


Every Day Sun Protection

Because I work during the day, I’m typically only exposed to the sun during lunch break. Both my make up and Beautipharm Skin Care with SPF 15 provide enough sun protection to allow me up to 2 hours in the sun. This is ample protection for me with this amount of exposure during the day.


At the beach, only 50 SPF will do

In contrast, if I plan to spend the day at the beach I need maximum sun protection. Due to my skin’s limited sun tolerance, this means SPF 50. In fact, I tend to avoid the midday sun and instead find a nice shady spot to hang out.


Innovation is at the heart of our company. We continuously develop – and improve on – products in order to meet the needs of our changing environment. 


For healthy skin and timeless beauty, 


Verena Eckstein 

How To Help Prevent Sunburn

The Sunshine “Happiness” Factor

Why does the sun have so much appeal?  The effort to stay warm, requires a tremendous amount of energy from our body.  Consequently, it responds to warmth in the same way as it does with chocolate – by releasing the “happiness hormone” called serotonin.

The body has natural protective mechanisms in place to protect us from sunburn. It does this by trying to disperse UV rays that enter the skin so they don’t reach deeper more vulnerable layers. This includes producing melanin and thickening the outer layer of the skin, called lightschwiele.


Too Much Of A Good Thing

But overdoing it in the sun causes damage and inflammation to the skin, and the skin protests and turns red. The amount of time we can enjoy the sun without getting sunburned depends on our natural skin, hair and eye color, as well as our pigmentation.


How Much Sun Can My Skin Tolerate?

One of the best ways to answer this question is by using the Fitzpatrick Scale originally created by Thomas Fitzpatrick, MD, at Harvard Medical School in 1975. It is used to estimate our skin’s response to UV light, by classifying our complexion by type.  Time spent in the sun beyond our body’s natural protection ability, can lead to sunburn.


5 Things I do To Nourish & Protect MY SKIN

1. According to the Fitzpatrick Scale I have skin type II, so I know that any time spent in the sun beyond 10-20 minutes I need extra sun protection. When my skin is pale, I use a sun cream with high UV filters, of SPF 30 or more. Versus, if my skin’s already tanned, I often use a product with lower UV Filter, such as our Beautipharm Skin Care with SPF 15.

2. To nourish and repair following time in the sun, I use Beautipharm Sun Milk Apres lotion on my body, and at night I apply the Active Concentrate Repair Complex to my face.

3. I enjoy the sun year round in moderation to allow my body a continuous production of protective pigments and Lichtschwiele.

4. My meal plan includes an abundance of green vegetables, carrots and tomatoes. The carotenoids in these foods can help my body protect against oxidation and, consequently, sunburn as well.

5. To play it extra safe I avoid the midday sun, wear protective clothing, and wear sunglasses to prevent wrinkles around my eyes.  


Wishing you a great start to summer and safe sunning,


Verena Eckstein


That Very First Wrinkle….

How Our Skin Changes

To a physicist, time may stand still. One look in the mirror for us, however, reveals a very different reality: the appearance of that first wrinkle tells us that our skin’s elasticity and tone has begun to diminish.  At about the same time, our sebaceous and sweat glands become less active resulting in increasingly dry, dull skin. This dryness is often made worse by external influences causing the skin to feel stretched and tight: the time of demanding, dry skin has arrived.


How Do I Care for Demanding, Dry Skin?

Bird’s eye view: The dry terrain, and deep canyons are beautiful in the Grand Canyon, but not in regards to our skin. 

Bird’s eye view: The dry terrain, and deep canyons are beautiful in the Grand Canyon, but not in regards to our skin. 

To maintain a healthy and glowing complexion at any age, we recommend skin care that moisturizes and nourishes. Not only does this help prevent wrinkles, but helps maintain a youthful glow as well.



Collagen is the substance of choice for combatting dry skin and wrinkles. It is especially effective when combined with a milk-peptide complex with special moisturizing properties, which you will find in our Doctor Eckstein collagen products.



This is a great conversation to have with my mom, Iris Eckstein. She manages to balance the demands of family and work and still looks beautiful and rested. Here’s what she has to share:


Q: During both cold and warm weather, the skin loses moisture. How do you support your skin in these conditions?  

In cold weather, I use Collagen Supreme as my wind and weather “protection” cream. As the days get warmer, I switch to a lighter cream and drink lots of fluids to compensate for the loss of moisture. My favorite refreshment is lemon juice in a glass of sparkling water.

Q: The skin is the mirror to the soul. How does your skin mirror your soul?

This is very true. One of the worst things for your skin is harmful stress and I do my best to avoid it. In this hectic world, it helps to take a break, which I do by going for a walk or a jog on the beach with my dog. Overall, I try to focus on a balance of positive stress and enjoying periods of relaxation to maintain a healthy complexion.

Q: What’s your rejuvenating guilty pleasure? 

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do you’ll find me at home catching up on a German Krimi with a Collagen Mask on my face and dark chocolate in my hand! Underneath the mask I always apply our Hyaluronic Acid Active Concentrate for an extra moisture boost.


For more than 65 years, we’ve been on a mission to help preserve the skin’s natural beauty. Our skin care products combine the benefits of science with the gifts of nature in heartfelt service to beautiful skin of any age.


For a lifetime of healthy, beautiful skin,


Verena Eckstein