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Three generations of the Eckstein family

Three generations of the Eckstein family

Follow your passion – that’s the advice we so often hear when choosing what career to take.  Nearly 70 years ago, my grandparents, Dr. Richard Adam and Linde Eckstein, did just that when they founded Doctor Eckstein Biokosmetik. As a pharmacist and humanist, my grandfather’s passion for helping women and men achieve naturally beautiful skin, resulted in skin care products, and a skin care system, that combines the best of nature and pharmacology. His approach changed the skincare industry and won him the coveted French PRIX CIDESCO in 1957- the first German scientist in the cosmetic industry to receive this distinction. His book, BioKosmetik – Research and Practice became the definitive textbook for training estheticians and is still used in the industry today.

This tradition of skincare expertise continued into the second generation- my father would often say, “I have simple taste--- Simply the best”, and what he did was representative of this. His doctoral work in pharmacology focused on plants and herbs, and he used this knowledge to create the highest-quality, most effective products possible.

Now in our third generation of leadership, we continue to view all skin as precious. At Doctor Eckstein, we believe that feeling naturally beautiful carries over to individual expression, and reflects in the confidence we bring to our lives.  This blog intends to share with you how to understand your skin type, and determine an optimal skincare response, in order to restore and maintain your skin’s natural beauty. 

I am excited to share my father’s and grandfather’s vast accumulation of skincare knowledge, and to help you live your beauty. Being unique individuals, there is no single answer for achieving our own true beauty. Please share your questions and musings throughout the experience.


Warmest regards,

Verena Eckstein